the OFFICIAL COVERART for the 2018/2019 Digital Fashion Illustration Collection titled: ENCANTO - "SKIN IS GYPSY"

Collection Quantity: 20 Looks
At last, the long-awaited 2018/2019 Digital Fashion Illustration Collection is here; titled, "ENCANTO" with the theme - "Skin Is Gypsy". It took me one year, one week and four days to put together a 20-look collection. I am determined to create fashion Illustration looks that is different from the norm.
I decided to create a lingerie Fashion Illustration collection which is infrequently done in this part of the world, Nigeria; Africa. This collection has that charm of attractiveness and beauty which also birthed the choice of naming it "ENCANTO". "ENCANTO" is a Spanish word for "Charm" or "attractiveness" which is the thorough embodiment of the collection. The collection possesses charm that makes you don't wanna get your eyes off each look in the collection.
The theme of the collection is "SKIN IS GYPSY" because of the story behind our beautiful bodies. Our bodies have traveled through emotional tortures, pain, heartbreaks, bruises, hard times, antagonism, enervation, trials, tribulations, tempests, horrors and surmounted so many road rages. Hence, she remains strong, unshakable and pretty much glistened at each travail. Against all the odds faced by our skin, I decided to create a collection that upholds another side to our skin that is seldom celebrated which includes, sexiness, Eros, sensuality, seduction and ultimately FASHION......
As I showcase 20 super-amazing "Skin Gypsies", may we all continue to value our bodies and see her beauty with each travail.