• How do I register for the Mmendie: Fashion Illustration Training?
To register, kindly go the sixth Column on the top of the site under “Registration Form” and register for the training

  • How long does the Fashion Illustration training last?
The training last for eight weeks that is if you are doing both the “Manual Fashion Illustration” and the “The Digital Fashion Illustration”. Hence, if you want to do just one of the course, then it’s a span of 6weeks. It is held twice a week and from 10am-3pm.

  • What is the cost implication of the training?

Our fees are affordable and payment friendly. Click here to find out more about our fees.

Can a student pay through installments?
YES. We accept two installments. However, the first installment has to be 70% of the fee.

Where are the locations for the training?
We have two different locations in Lagos. One is in Lekki Phase 1 and the other is in Ikeja. We provide a very conducive learning environment with a classroom that is very comfortable for learning. Our classrooms are well ventilated with air-conditioning systems; aeron chairs and tables.

What does the “Manual Fashion Illustration” entail?
Manual Fashion Illustration is the basic method of illustration that involves drawing with the use of
pencils, sketchbooks, colored pencils and other utensils for drawing. The Manual Fashion Illustration
class is very crucial because through this class, a student gets to learn how to drawing a typical human figure, croquis and the different movements that comes with it.

What does the “Digital Fashion Illustration” entail?
Digital Fashion Illustration is the modernized and advanced technique for creating outstanding fashion illustration with popular softwares like Auto Desk – Sketchbook Pro or Adobe Photoshop alongside a Digital Graphic Tablet/Stylus that aids drawing. For this class, a laptop is compulsory. Our students get to create realistic fashion illustrations with High Picture Quality thus revealing details in the illustration like, cloth details, hair, make-up, shadows, lights and other graphical functions for explicit fashion details.

What is required for the Digital Fashion Illustration Training?

This class requires a laptop (compulsory), a Digital Graphic Tablet and a stylus pen?

Are students given certificates at the end of the training?
Yes. We give students certificates upon “a successful completion of the training”. The criterion that is to be met by a student lest he/she receives a certificate is that such a student must successfully complete the training.

How can I get the Digital Graphic Tablet?
 You can get it on any online platform like Jumia precisely. There are different types of tablets. Hence we recommend XP-PEN G640 for students or beginners.

Will I be provided with kit materials for the training?
We provide kit materials for our students especially for the “Manual Fashion Illustration”. Hence, for the Digital Fashion, the Kit includes the Digital Graphic Tablet, stylus pen, software, free fashion templates, fabric swatches amongst others. However, a student can decide if he/she wants the school to provide the Digital Graphic Tablet for him/her (included in the fees) or get it by him/herself. Read the “What is the cost implication of the training?” session under “FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS” for more information.

Do you have textbooks for the training?
Yes. We have both eBooks and hard copy textbooks.

How does your WhatsApp class run?
Our WhatsApp class is a very organized class that runs for 3-weeks. It comprises of a WhatsApp group filled with instructional videos and tutorials carefully done using a step-by-step teaching analysis. The videos are very straight-forward and easy to follow through. It gives you a very beautiful learning experience from the comfort of your home. Also, the students gets e-notes from the class to enhance the retentive knowledge of the class.