On the 16th of January, 2017 MMENDIE released his sophomore collection titled, “BLACK DON’T CRACK. 

The collection revealed the beauty of women especially black women through stunning ropes and apparels. In espousing the value of women in a man-dominated world, Mmendie said, “Women are the most endangered species of our time, thereby assailable to a very large degree. BLACK WOMEN are more susceptible because of the bigotry and crying shame that is passed on to them. Hence, the "BLACK DON'T CRACK" collection will unveil the distinctive attributes and values of Black Women, which include fashion and beauty”. The collection was more of African prints and embracement of our culture in Nigeria.  It was also loved by many local and international blogs including Tush Magazine Nigeria , Asoebi Glamz.The greatest part of it is that it was sighted and appreciated by Grammy Award-winning producer- Crucial Keys.