With a view to making necessary changes in life, PLAN and PROCRASTINATION are two different situations with different results. A person who wants to make necessary changes in life maps out a plan with "existing" functions, ideas, framework and tools; channeled towards actualizing a goal. On the flip side, a procrastinator loiters with time overflowing in waste without a direction, purpose, plan and strategy for proper execution.
Why the comparison?
I hear so many people make pre-year resolutions like, "In 2021, I'll not tolerate nonsense from anyone." Or, "Starting from next year, I'll keep my circle small.....I will discard a lot of people." etc.
These sort of resolutions are not worthy of mention but worthy of IMMEDIATE ACTION depending on the reason for such resolutions. If you have to wait for the end of every year to make needed changes in your life, then there is a problem - a problem of indecision and lack of plan. At every time of our lives, it's important we do our checks and balances to see certain cracks in the walls that needs to be sealed and fix them IMMEDIATELY without dithering. It takes decisive steps to do that. Loitering around necessary decisions is a showmanship of stagnancy. If there's a problem that needs to be fixed, fix it immediately and move on. For example, if you have a circle of friends that indulges you to do certain things that does not define your personality in a positive light, you don't have to wait til the end of the year to make a decision of whether or not to keep around. First, you need to devise a PLAN. The plan includes a breakdown of the following self-meditative questions:
1. Does my circle promotes values that can empower, inspire and advance my emotional and mental well-being?
2. Am I loved and respected in such a circle?
3. Are they the sort that I can also inspire?
4. With where I am headed in my life, will this sort of circle help me achieve my goals and objectives?
5. Are they supportive of my struggles to succeed?
After the above mentioned are carefully considered and more, the next line of action is to take steps to do the following:
1. Start by reducing the amount of time spent with such a circle.
2. Try and have a conversation with them: letting them know why they need to also re-examine themselves for their good.
3. Gradually and tactfully distance yourself from them if they don't make certain changes.

With such a plan in view, it's easier to make a decision rather than stall around it. Every day isn't completely cupcakes and rainbows. Each year has a mountain to climb before or after any soothing wind. So there's no time to make "New year" resolutions at the climax of the present year.
Make changes every second, minute, hour and day if it calls for it because in the end, we are reaching out for a better version of our lives than where we are at present. Anxiety and stress stems from not doing what is expected of us and postponing it to a "convenient time". The "futuristic convenient time" to fix an issue that should have been fixed immediately may end up being the wrong/hardest time to fix two problems instead of one. Remember, the day of that "convenient time" already possess it's own issues that is sufficient for that day alone.
So make CHANGES TODAY and save your MENTAL HEALTH tomorrow.


  1. This is deep. Very apt article.
    make changes today and save your mental state tomorrow, very deep words.