? NEW COLLECTION - EPIC (The Legend Of Inikpi)
This Collection, "EPIC" is a tribute to "THELEGEND OF INIKPI" movie, and a representation of bravery, intrepidity and self-sacrifice. Let us delve into each look in the collection:

The "EPIC" Collection opens it's creative petals with this regal garment Illustration. Because of the epic-driven nature of the Collection, every look denotes regalia, royalty or any inspiration of kingly prowess. This piece is a combination of a flax damask robe as well as an Emperor-Claudius type of cape. Apparels like this can be worn specifically by those with kingly power and royal adroitness. With the vehement actor, Paul Obazele @obazele as muse, I was able to ensure that the design was well crafted to delineate his vehemence especially in the movie, THE LEGEND OF INIKPI.

Creating a Fashion Illustration collection that is epic-driven requires a lot of brain-rituals. Such brain-brawl came to play while creating this amazing piece. This Illustration depicts a high-class style that is represented with the trendy man of our generation. The style consists of symmetrical tiers overlapping from side to side and of a hickory brown color. Each tier also possess gold  hemming of single brooches lined orderly on the edges. While the sleeves and pants are designed with illume gold damask. Saidi Balogun is always a cool, gentleman and he maintained such gentle spirit during the movie - THE LEGEND OF INIKPI

One very fascinating thing about Fashion Illustration is that it possesses options in order for versatility to run wild. This look is all shades of foxiness and uncovers the dandified nature of a classy man. I worked more with the sheen damask fabric of the gold color for the men in the collection. This Illustration is made up of an illume gold sleeveless top on a nicely cut pants of the same fabric - damask. However, there exists a black kite-shaped cape with an opening. The cape also possess gold hemming of small brooches neatly lined on every part of it's edges. On the top area of the cape's opening is a luxurious brooch just for further ornamentation.
This look best describes the intrepid and principled nature of Sam Dede in the movie - THE LEGEND OF INIKPI.

In a fleet of fire, we have come to the fourth look of the collection. Hence, at the passing of each look exists a rush of unexpected resplendence. This look was the first of the men looks I started with because of it's technicality. I had envisaged this design concept for months, but was always beside myself each time I wanted to exemplify it through Illustration. This look is a combination of oxford blue suede fabric and gold damask. The top also possesses gold buttons dripped in chains; thus giving it that regal look. This style best suits Odunade Adekola because of his bold fashion sense, which is utterly represented with the younger generation of men's fashion.

Fashion Illustration isn't complete if it doesn't exemplify femininity. Behold, this splendorous piece of beautiful art and the first female Fashion Illustration in the collection. I took over 3 hours to complete this look because of its details and creative features. With a beautiful muse as Nancy Ameh, I decided to create a piece that will best portray creativity, modernism and style. Prominent details in the dress includes the deep blue inflated sleeves which is a creative discrepancy to the long sleeves. It's such a creative design.

What an epic collection!!! It's really been a superlative journey of individually promoting stunning Fashion Illustrations off my first 2020 Collection - EPIC. The "EPIC" COLLECTION is a collection that appreciates the values that was portrayed in Mercy Johnson's new movie - THE LEGEND OF INIKPI. We finally save the best for last and close the curtain of this Collection with this very beautiful Illustration I did of MERCY JOHNSON-OKOJIE. The Illustration is made up of a velvet fabric representation and a gold sequin. Asides the outlined details of the gold sequin in a descending order, the Illustration also possess a lovely overlapping cape of the same gold sequin.
 Such a dress of gorgeousness!!


  1. You never disappoint us. Always taking us farther than expected. You're just amazing Mmendie