Victor Mmendie Iseyen is a fast-rising  entrepreneur with multifaceted skills in the world of Art. He is the CEO of MMENDIE FASHION ILLUSTRATION INSTITUTE. Mmendie He is well known for his beautiful Fashion Illustrations and has set himself as one of the most talented Fashion Illustrators in Africa. In 2017, Mmendie was appreciated by the Grammy-Award Winning Producer, KRUCIAL KEYS for a job well-done in one of the looks off his “BLACK DON’T CRACK” Collection. Amazingly, Mmendie broke the internet in January 2020 after Bella Naija confirmed his partnership deal with talented Nollywood actress Mercy Johnson Okojie, to create a fashion illustration inspiration for the premiere of her new movie, THE LEGEND OF INIKPI. The illustrations trended the internet during the period of the premiere as it was featured on popular blogs including Bella Naija, Pulse NG, Yabaleft Online, Goldmyne TV, Silverbird Distribution, etc.
  Asides being a great fashion illustrator, he is a very good fashion illustration instructor, writer, singer and model. Because of his strong passion for teaching, Mmendie’s aim is to ensure that fashion designers, both upcoming and virtuosos are able to professionally interpret their designs through sketches and digital illustrations.

Mmendie hails from Akwa Ibom state but was born and bred in Lagos. While growing up, Mmendie had a stronger bonding with his Mom (Mrs. Colleen Iseyen) who was a good fashion illustrator during her time. From Childhood, Mmendie watched his Mom sketch out designs which was a great juicy steak. Being so close to his Mom, Mmendie developed a burning and unquenchable passion for drawing fashion illustration and sketches of any sort . Mmendie began fashion illustrations at the age of 7 and
it has been a real trouper for him from time long-lasting. In 2016, he released his debut digital fashion illustration collection, titled “EMANCIPATION”. The collection really earned him plaudits and recognition because of the striking influence it possessed.

 In 2017, MMENDIE released his sophomore collection titled, “BLACK DON’T CRACK” which delineated the deepest core of MMENDIE’S artistic side and the beauty in Black Women. The collection was not only loved by thousands around the world, it was rated positively by some top online blogs. The collection traveled far into the timeline of top foreign celebrities, including the Grammy Award-Winning Producer, KRUCIALKEYS.

Many fashion designers have benefited from MMENDIE’S FASHION ILLUSTRATION CLASSES and are now very good in drawing both manually and digitally. Mmendie holds one-on-one classes as well as conference classes and the students are now very good fashion illustrators; some of which are also training others to become fashion illustrators as well.

Mmendie is also a very talented singer and has hung the moon with his vocal knack. In 2018, he released an album called “30 SECONDS & BALLADS” which stuck on many playlists even till now. He is also a good writer which includes, poems, song-writing, captions, speeches etc. Mmendie is also a model and has worked with GLO as a TV commercial model.

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