I still can't fathom in my head why most people reply, "MORNING" "AFTERNOON" "EVENING" "NIGHT" when you go out of your way to greet them, "GOOD MORNING" "GOOD AFTERNOON" "GOOD EVENING" "GOOD NIGHT.
  That cold reply, "MORNING" is an arrant expression of rudeness because it lacks a good wish and the sense of a positive pleasantry. That cold reply "AFTERNOON" can also mean anything including "BAD AFTERNOON" because there is no qualifying prefix before the expression. It's high time we stopped following the crowd and do to others what you want them to do to you.
 Imagine that I woke up this morning and I greet you "MORNING", honestly, will you be inclined to reply me wholeheartedly? CAPITAL NO. For one good thing, I know you know it's morning and so it's not like you are blind. It makes more sense and shows a great deal of godliness when you wish someone "A GOOD MORNING" and "GOOD" at all times.
 I also notice that it is the older one that usually replies the younger with the juiced-out "MORNING" greeting. So it means that it's only the older ones that deserve a "GOOD MORNING; there's no truism in that. Everyone deserves everything good and pleasant.
  There is a man in the Avenue where I live that usually replies me, "MORNING" "AFTERNOON" "EVENING" "NIGHT" when I greet him. So on this unfortunate day, I decided to greet him in the exact same way he usually reply me.
  So, I said to him, "MORNING SIR", the man didn't answer me. I shouted again, "MORNING SIR". He then said, "VICTOR, IS THAT THE WAY TO GREET SOMEONE". I then replied, "Ha! Sir,  what did I do wrong?. I just greeted you now".
The man then said, "How can you greet someone older than you without adding, 'GOOD'?.
 Na there I change am for the man ooo. I later told him, "Eh ehn, so it's only you that deserves something good, right"?.
The man replied, "Victor calm down. What do you mean"?.
I told the man, "Each time I greet you "GOOD MORNING" or any other "Good" time of the day, you always tell me "MORNING" or any other time of the day. So today I wanted to see if you will accept it mirthfully if I greet you just the way you usually reply me".
The man felt so sorry and said, "Awwwwww Victor, I'm so sorry I never thought of it at all. It's good to wish people "GOOD" whenever they greet you no matter the age difference. As from today, Victor I'll greet you with a "GOOD" wish OK"
 That was the experience I had with a man who realized that he should only be wished "GOOD" when greeted but didn't realize that in my own case. The Bible says that "we should seek not our interests alone but those of the other person" which connects with the GOLDEN RULE. We need to set good examples for the upcoming youths to follow. If we continue to exchange pleasantries in such a manner of disrespect and disregard, we will gradually begin to lose our standards of respect, love and peace.
 So let us respect everyone around us regardless of age, gender, background, personal preferences and individual perception. Let's greet the right way and we will be so amazed at where mere greeting right