(By Mmendie)

  The idea of fashion is utterly useless without a decorative interpretation and portrayal. Designs emanates from creative minds but dies in thick gloom when a ray of reality does not shine through it's paths. My Mom (Colleen Iseyen) was an illustrator back in the days. She dabbled more in "Fashion Flat Sketches" or "Technical Drawings" which will be expantiated later in the article. She told me how much importance was placed on illustrations back then and how sad it is to know that it no longer count. One thing my Momma always tells me is, "Mmendie, it belongs to you to bring back our fashion illustrations. Bring them back to stay". It's not just my duty to, it's my calling, it's my passion.
  For every fashion, there must be a design and for every design, there must be a distinctive illustration. Illustrations birth the design of the mind on a permanent source for view. MARILYN VOS SAVANT is an American authoress who is known for possessing the highest recorded IQ according to the Guinness Book of Records. Concerning illustration, here is what MARILYN had to say, "Be able to draw an illustration as least well enough to get your point across to another person". MARILYN knew quite well the indispensability of illustration and the power it exerts when put to use. For someone else to fully perceive your concept, notion, idea and message, it is best you illustrate it out by dint of a sketch-by-sketch analysis than have them worded. It shows professionalism and a sense of beauty in it.
  Illustrations are better accomplished through sketches, drawings, sculptures, paintings or graffiti depending on the individual's concept which he wants to be understood. Cloth making is etched on brainwork but easier with a canvas of fashion illustrations. Fashion illustration is the communication of fashion through drawings or sketches.There are zillions of Fashion ideas and concepts that "cannot" be fully comprehended by words of mouth or pictures; they are better illustrated. According to Wikipedia, "Fashion Illustration has gone from being
one of the sole means of fashion
communication to having a very minor role. The first photographic cover of Vogue was a watershed in the history of fashion illustration and a watershed mark of its decline". Sad to know that fashion illustration has lost it's reins and importance. The purpose of this article is to enumerate the importance of fashion illustration in cloth making. Below are the significance of fashion illustration in cloth making:

1. PROVIDING A CLIENT WITH A FOREDESIGN LEST THE CLOTH IS MADE: A fashion designer may not always have a fashion idea to advertise to a client. Even a client can come up with a concept of fashion. One very appropriate thing that fashion illustration helps to achieve is to aid the client to grasp the fashion idea that he/she may have in mind. Through sketches, drawings or even paintings, a client will see the fore of the about-to-be-made dress and even suggest corrections. 

2. HELPS TO MAKE THE WORK OF THE TAILOR MORE EASIER: When a tailor is shown the sketches of a particular design concept, it makes the work easier for the tailor. In this way, technical drawings and flats are best suggested. At the getgo of this article, I mentioned that my Mom was a Fashion Flat Illustrator and delved into Technical Drawings back in the days. Technical Drawings or Flats Sketches are detailed sketches or drawing of clothes alone without fashion figures, templates or croquis. It focuses more on complex and detailed areas of a design that you want a client or tailor to pay close attention to, which would have been ignored if shown on a catalogue, magazine, picture or website. Fact on fact, Fashion illustration or Technical drawings helps the tailor to produce a quality, professional and perfect apparel.

3. IT BRINGS ABOUT PROFESSIONALISM ON THE PART OF A FASHION DESIGNER/TAILOR: When a style of work is professional, it shows that it possess a standard or quality that makes it distinct. It also recognizes the designer as proficient, amateur and great at what he/she does. When your clients see sketches and illustrations of pre-dresses or pre-designs, it enables them to place more value, respect and reliance on you and your craft. They will not grieve against high fees or extra-charges on the clothes because they know how much work was put into it from start to finish. Clients will even refer other clients to you because they believe so much in your dexterity.