? TAKE A CHANCE ON CHANGE: From Mourning To Dancing.

The world has turned it's ugly sides on mankind and this
makes life so uneasy to live and rubs us of the joy that
comes with life itself
The whole of mankind seem to be
out of kilter.Millions of people are so bereft as to the
hardships they face.Some are so down on hopelessness.
Others are fearful of what next is to come. Human
miseries differ from person to another.Hence,the fact is:
People are groaning in the pains that a darkened world is
shedding including you.Candidly, Life is either going to
bring stars to our doorsteps or place thick thorns on our
heads.Either way it goes, we need keep on holding on and
making good use of the next available time. Nonetheless,
amidst all the problems we may face, we still have ample
reasons to wear some smiles on and be lighthearted.Pr
oblems or troubles will not leave us automatically. It's
either we leave the problems or let the problems leave us.
Below are 5 practical ways in which change can be attained
thus replacing our mourning with dancing:
Be Positive
Be Progressive
Be Perseverant
Be Patient
Be Prayerful


Positivity is a very crucial criterion that channels a person
on the right track to success. The sit of the mind is where
assumptions, presumptions and even conclusions are
thoroughly defined and thought on. So what a person
feeds his/her mind with will determine what the person's
outward appearance and perceptions toward certain things
will be.Rather than assume heart-wrenching situations,
positiveness will make a person to look into the future
with a hope that is gravid with possibilities.Staying positive
makes a person to be happy incessantly and self-
appreciated.He/she becomes unshakeable and remains
unshaken to the pressures of life. A positive person always
need to wear a smile at all times and be sociable to the
world around him.There are 5 ways to stay positive as
regards attaining success:
*Base your thoughts on attainable goals
*Be a self-raconteur
*Always make your conversations lively
*Listen to encouraging words from others
*Work towards your set goals
By applying the suggestions above, you can be sure that
by being positive at all times you can achieve your goals
even though they might be as tall as a Sequoia.
Hence, being positive is not just enough to get one's goals
and dreams accomplished. The next hint is another way
one can take change to a heightened level.


For success to be achieved at any given time, there must
be a need to be progressive and advance to higher
notches.Infact, it as indispensable as the air we breathe to
keep living. In anything we do in life,making a steady
progress is what everyone targets on. For someone who
yearns for success, making progress should always be a
signpost. Work towards your wish rather than
procrastinate it.Progress can be attained by consistent
efforts and hard work accompanied with pains to get
gains.For success to be achieved, progress must be
made, and for progress to be made, versatility is very
key.When one is versatile, you don't always have to remain
in your comfort zone to make headways. Spreading your
tentacles as far as life is concerned will help you to make
progress and succeed in them. In making progress,
helping others to make the same progress is added
advantage. The more you help others make progress, the
more chances you have to expand in yourself and become
successful. As far as progressiveness is concerned, below
are 6 valuable tips of becoming progressive:
*Take a step
*Discover your hidden potentials
*Develop on your potentials
*Put yourself to learn new things
*Always have different alternatives
*Don't be quick to quit
The above clues are possible and realistic. When applied, it
shows change in a progressive direction and sheds light of
success right on the horizon. So far, we have considered
two practical suggestions to make a change, therefore
replacing mourning with dancing.There is yet another clue
that needs to b tried if change is to be effected:

"No one succeeds without effort...Those who succeed owe
their success to perseverance".Those were the words of
Ramana Maharshi, an Indian sage who jumped through the
thick hoops of life, came out victorious, and he is still
celebrated even till today.Perseverance is is the act of
pressing on intrepidly regardless of the struggles and
huddles that besets. Consistency along with unwavering
faith often pay off in the long run. It does not matter how
long you preserve, but what really counts is the right
attitude while you persevere. Sometimes life gives us that
we desire without we having to go throw series of
challenging situations. On the flip side, sometimes too we
just have to keep on trying at a recurring pace.
Determination also links to perseverance because it makes
perseverance easy to lead.When there is a determined
heart, it will be easy to be steadfast.And when one is
steadfast, success comes smiling through at last. We
should always keep in mind that disappointments in life is
a given, hence it is finite; But the reward that it later brings
is always infinite. So it does not matter how slow you
make progress.Rather it's how perseverant you are as you
seek for success.Let's consider five suggestions that can
help you to keep persevering:
*Be determined
*Never be quick to rest your laurels
*Stay focused
*Be a self-encourager
*Learn from those who never gave up
Perseverance is a great element of success and the above
suggestions are doable and very essential for a persevering
person.Though it may take a considerable length of time:
The truth always remain that perseverance pays off greatly.
Let's consider another step that can give one a more
pointed edge to gaining success.


Patience is an attribute that every human must incessantly
have. Sadly,some people today don't see the need to be
patient and prefer to take shorter routes to achieve their
lots in life; which most times crashes later on. Even the
forming of a human right from the get-go has a big touch
of patience. It takes patience for a foetus to stay within
the confines of the mother's embryo for 9 straight months
without wanting to come right out at the sixth month.
Behind every success story is the superb quality -
Patience. Without Patience, farmers won't eat their fruitage
because after the planting of seeds, they still have to wait
for a long time before their crops yields forth fruits for
consumption. In the same vein, having a waiting attitude is
powerful and rewarding. Whatever seeds of efforts is being
planted, it requires patience to see such a seed grow into a
wondrous reality.
Patience is not given to a person; Patience is cultivated.
Good things don't only goes to those who wait, but mostly
goes to those who use their time well and work while
waiting. When a person involves his/herself in other
meaningful endeavors while remaining patient, it increases
the many chances of succeeding and eventually yields
success in the end. Since good things takes times,
therefore the right attitude while remaining patient makes
time to run faster than we ever imagined. Sometimes the
people around us may stumble us,provoke us,persecute
us or even gnaw our vitals in our intrepid quest for
success. Those are also part of the many things that
patience will help quench so that they don't makes us lost
out on the possibility of effecting a positive change. Rather
than acting upon every problem that others may cause us,
patience will help us to tolerate people and remain
resolute. We need not lit a candle during a stormy weather
nor cut down a tree during wintertime or even make
decisions in a hurry. Patience will aid us on careful thinking
and proper evaluation of the entire situation,so that the
right thing can be achieved and wise decisions be made.
As Jean- Jacques Rousseau wrote, "Patience is bitter but
it's fruit is sweet" and according to A.A Milne, " Rivers
know this: there is no hurry. We
shall get there some day".Checkout below some practical
tips on patience:
*Have a waiting but active attitude
*Sit,think and think again
*Keep pressing on
*Remain unwavering
*Lookout for the long cuts
*Always examine,watch and take your time.
Patience is possible and can be cultivated if the above
mentions are applied. A patient person often gets a
grander share in everything he/her does or indulges in.
Let's strive to be patient in all our dealings and the prize of
victory will be gained. The time has come for us to
consider the final criterion:

Prayer is the most significant means to attaining success.
It supersedes all other wherewithals and even the earlier
suggestions above are not as requisite as prayerfulness.
Before a person can stay positive, a humble prayer need to
take place; asking Jehovah God to give such a person a
positive and "calm heart" to be able to toe the line of
positivity. Prayer is wholly necessary for someone who
wants to be progressive, perseverant and even patient.
Prayer covers all the facets of the human life. When you
communicate with Jehovah God in prayer, you will no
doubt experience the 'peace of God that excels all
understanding' when you realize that someone who really
care about you knows your concerns and is always ready
to make a way out of them, thus proving you successful.
The system of things now is so turbulent and rowdy and
we the sufferers are badly affected by it. Therefore, for us
to be able to weather the storm we need the help of
someone much more powerful than us and the person is
Jehovah - the highest personage in the whole universe.
Incessant prayer to him will us to face the future firm and
unafraid and stand out victorious and successful. We need
not underestimate the power of prayer. We can rest
assured that whatever we ask in Jehovah's name and
according to his will, he will grant them to us for as long
as faith does not become frail and falter.
** This writeup passes the hints of gaining success even
amidst grimly situations that may surround us. The above
suggestions are true and timely for a goal oriented
individual.Sitting down to do a step-by-step analysis on
each of the suggestions and applying them in one's life
will increase the possibilities of attaining success**
One's mourning can be changed into dancing if only we
stay positive, be progressive, be perseverant, be patient
and remain prayerful. Then our rainbow will come smiling
through.Whatever you are going thru, always remember
this : Dark clouds sometimes settle in the sky but they
don't remain there forever; at some point they pass away
and the sky becomes bright again. Similarly, your problems
are only temporary and very soon they will pass away too
#True #
Writer:: Victor Mmendie