(Is it wrong for a man to tell his male friend, "I LOVE YOU")

(Written By: MMENDIE)

(Inspired By: ANNA)

 IT is a mainstay that the world has lost it's emotional values which has been overtaken by the empty philosophies, ideologies and promulgations of men. I was inspired by my female friend who asked me the above question and I decided to write on it.
  Men are seen as wild beasts who should not be soft nor emotional and as such, they are now influenced to reject and repudiate the 'sissy' and harmless words of "I Love You' to their fellow men. 
Let's analyze some reasons behind the dogma.

1. THE RARENESS OF TRUE FRIENDSHIP: Nowadays, everyone is so untrue which has made it impossible for two intimate friends to LOVE and care about each other. "LOVE" which supposed to be the cord that binds two friends together no longer exist. It has been overridden by casualness. If there was more of true friendships in the past and now,  no man will feel laid back to tell his male friend that he loves him. So it looks and sounds insane for two close male friends to confirm their LOVE as FRIENDS and not foes. 

2. LOVE HAS BEEN WIRED BY THE WORLD TO MEAN ONLY SEXUAL FEELING OR ROMANCE: Love that is supposed to be pristine and meant for everyone has been contaminated by the genes of transgressions. If LOVE is mentioned now, the reaction is no different from when the word, SEX, is mentioned. Love has been wired by the world to only be superficial, sexual rather than platonic. So on this bed of lie, if a guy should tell his fellow male friend, "Goodnight Bro, I love you", it is as equivalent as "Goodnight Bro, I wanna have sex with you" which makes love between two pure male friends a TABOO and a gross display of homosexuality.....Hmmmmmm.
But is that REALLY the case?


Some men says: "I'VE NEVER CRIED BEFORE AND I WILL NEVER CRY". So men are rocks, hills and mountains, Right? 
At least the Mountains themselves get emotional and cry their tears through volcano eruption. Human relationships of any facet cannot thrive without necessary wholesome emotions. These emotions are the nutrients that LOVE supplies. So if everyone is all CASUAL and careless towards others and relationships, what sort of maelstrom will that be?. Most guys today are more on the casual kind of friendships which doesn't last and often looks for it's own interests. Some blighters just need friends they can go to the bar with, woo ladies with, party with, hangout with and even lure. All these things are more fleshly, casual, careless and selfish. There is no real AGAPE love in such inordinate ties. A friend should be ESPECIALLY born for in times of problems and not just for the fleshly things alone. When a friendship is founded on fortuitousness, there will be no emotional basis for serious talks, encouragement, advancement, development and soundness of Mind between both parties (Both guys).
Checkout these two statements from a male friend to his sick friend:
1. "Guy, how fa? I hear say you no well. Kpele. No go sick ooo."
2. "Good morning my dear brother. How was your night?. Hope you had a wonderful one. I heard that you are not feeling well. Hope you are getting better?. I'm so sorry about that. Don't worry, you will soon be well OK. Please, take care of yourself. I'll call you later."

If you carefully followed the above statements towards a sick friend, which one carries a lot of emotion?
If I happened to be that sick one, and I get a message from a friend with the first above words as contents, there is every likelihood that my temperature will increase to a burning flame. Notice that the second message has a whole lot of warmth, feeling, emotion, seriousness and LOVE written all over it's tulips. If a sick guy should received such deep-reaching message by his own friend, I'm sure that throughout the day he will be more and more reinvigorated. 

Homosexuality has never ever been govern by LOVE but by PURE LUST. So it is insane to believe that telling your fellow male friends that you love them makes you GAY or if your fellow male friends tells you, "I LOVE YOU" should ignite a suspicion that such friends are GAYS. That's a very darn conclusion on a damned thought. Homosexuality is a lewd act while LOVE is a virtue. The society has redefined LOVE even between two busters to mean gayness. This is especially common amongst the male specie. Girls often confirm their platonic LOVE for their fellow girlfriends without suspecting the other or even the horde raising eyebrows over it. Hence, why is confirming platonic and wholesome LOVE between two busters an inhibition and taboo?.
 I believe that the problem is with the guys/men. We men should begin to build up necessary emotions that aids, sustains, and delineate TRUE FRIENDSHIP. It's important that men break that casual stance of relationship or friendship with their fellow men. Since manliness is all about fearlessness, therefore men should not be scared of being called 'GAY' just for doing what is right. The bible book of 1 SAMUEL 16:7b, there bible says that, "For the way man sees is not the way God sees, because mere man sees what APPEARS TO THE EYES, but JEHOVAH SEES INTO THE HEART". So the motives of any action we take and words we say is well known to Jehovah God.

So let's not override LOVE nor misinterprete LOVE just because the world thinks otherwise. Love is a virtue and should be regarded as such even between two very good MALE FRIENDS.